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Raber Y. Aziz There's so much I could start doing - Translation of Kurdish poems, short stories, novels, or writing commentary on such literary works, introducing the great Kurdish poets and their works, and writing posts about the Kurdish language or Kurdish culture from traditional Kurdish food and costumes, to what life is like to be a Kurd. But it sounds so huge and complicated. It scares me.
Oak Tree. they are native to Kurdistan.
All of the mountains here are covered
with oak trees.  Kurdish acorns are also
delicious when you put them on fire to
bake in their shells.

How can I do anything alone? but when I think of it, this whole project was only an idea a week ago. It was only wishful thinking a few months ago when I talked with my friends how it would be really nice to have Kurdish language, literature and culture introduced to the world. It didn't scare me then because I wasn't supposed to be the one doing it all. I was supposed to just wish that somebody else takes on that task and I sit back and watch. 

I think I have made progress since I started this blog. The blog looks much nicer than the first day I created it, thanks to the free template I found on the web, and some other tutorials about how to set up the template. I am also working on the different pages, links, and other things that I keep playing with until it looks and feels just right. I have also thought of a plan of work for me. 

  • I love photography. They say a photo says a thousand words and I believe that. Therefore, photography would be part of this blog. 
  • I plan on translating poems from a variety of great Kurdish poets, classical and contemporary. 
  • I plan on translating some short stories, and I would really hope that others join me, either on this blog, or starting their own blogs.
  • I plan to do commentaries and reviews, as well as writing my own articles, poems, and short stories. 
  • I plan to write articles about the Kurdish culture, from architecture, to traditional costumes, food, music and dance, and life style, etc.

It all seems like a very exciting project, I am really excited. If there's anyone out there who is interested in working on this project, you are more than welcome. If you want to start your own blog, I highly encourage you to do so. I could offer help if you need help.


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