Woman, a powerful woman

Painting: Andrei Belichenko'

When I see you,
I am a stone age man again
I go back into dark caves,
and dense jungles
I listen to the sound of thunders,
cloudbursts and splashing rains
the buttons-and-cables civilization is no more
the flames in the fireplaces I adore**

Page 16 Towards Twilight

*In the Kurdish version this line goes like this: "The fireplaces are filled with flames again" but in poetic translation one has to consider rhyme and rhythm.

*This poem is longer but I translated only the first stanza because the stanza can stand alone, like a poem in itself,  the meaning and metaphor of the poem is not stretched over the whole poem. But I will translate the rest and update this post once I am done.

Translation by Raber Y. Aziz


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