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I am a Kurdish blogger, translator, writer-editor, university instructor, and ex-journalist, from Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan's capital Erbil. I have worked professionally as a translator, news editor, newsroom manager, media adviser, teaching assistant, and university instructor.

As an undergrad, I studied English Language and Literature at Salahaddin University-Erbil, 2008. I also studied English Studies and Communication for my MA degree, at Valparaiso University, USA, 2012-2013. I have a great passion for writing, translation and education - an even greater passion for motivating other people to involve in one of those areas, especially writing. I believe writing, especially in English and no matter what people decide to write about, is crucial for the Kurdish people at this point as more and more Kurds get foreign education, which means not only learning foreign languages through which they can reach a wider scope of audiences, but also becoming more technology and communications savvy, utilizing the wide range of communication tools through which Kurds can make their voice heard in the world.

Besides this blog, I also have another blog www.kurdishobserver.blogspot.com where I wrote about the political, economic, security and cultural developments in Iraq before I went to the US for my graduate studies. I don't write much on that blog because I want to take a vacation from politics and conflicts, although I want to maintain that as well if my time allows it.

I have written commentary and articles for a variety of English language portals such as Kurd Net, Kurdistan Tribune, AKnews.


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